Mountain fascination in Stuben

Enjoyable hiking in the summer

Experience a unique hiking holiday in Stuben am Arlberg. Kilometers of signed trails, breathtaking views and pure mountain air for enthusiastic hiking fans - Stuben leaves nothing to be despired.

The matchless alpine mountain area invites both - walkers and ambitious climbers and people who are interested in extreme tours with the mountain bike - to satisfy their despire to enjoy gentle experiences with the nature or high alpine summit attempt.

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Summer retreat on the Arlberg

Mountains, summer and freshness is a combination that has always held a fascination. The mighty mountains that surround us and radiate a special power. The summer, with its wonderful fauna and flora, allows us to experience an indescribable wealth of facets. And not to forget the freshness - at our altitude of 1,400 metres, summer is much easier to bear and makes the use of air conditioners unnecessary.

Even the Brothers Grimm defined the term "summer retreat" as "a recreational stay of city dwellers in the countryside in summertime". And the recreational factor of an enjoyable mountain hike or a grandiose bike tour cannot be denied. Even the Austrian Altitude Study (AMAS 2000) proves that mountain holidays from 1,400 metres above sea level have health effects.

Definitely a good decision to spend your well-deserved holiday in Stuben.

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Après moments

And after an exciting and stimulating day in the mountains of Stuben we offer you in the variedly equipped APRÈS POST HOTEL a cosy place to warm up, relax and enjoy.