Vorarlberg circular hiking trail

Min Weag trail

The new ‘Vorarlberg circular trail’ will surprise you for its diverse cultural and natural pockets spread across five regions. The elevation profiles range from soft hilly terrain on the Bregenzerwald forest to the tree border on the Silvretta Alps or Rätikon.

The “Min Weag”, the Vorarlberg circular trail
“Min Weag” comes from the local dialect in Vorarlberg and it translates to “my path”: so want to explore the Vorarlberg in one go or just a stretch of it? Start where you wish. Clockwise or anti-clockwise? It is the same, really. A raft of possibilities await you. Stories step after step.

Discover interesting facets of this area, including an abundance of flora and fauna across such a small stretch of land and a stunning natural landscape. Meet unique people whose roots go as far back as the creation of the region itself. Or even stumble upon the works of a baroque master builder, or learn about the rise and fall of the Wälder Käsebarone (local barons renowned for their cheese). Historical findings substantiate the lively trade which occurred at the time across the passes on the Rätikon, Silvretta and the Arlberg region. In the Rheintal valley in Vorarlberg you can follow the footprints of some of the very first manufacturers who heavily shaped the development of our mountains. One of them was John Sholto Douglass

Nature and culture pop up right next to kitsch elements in a number of natural areas which reinterpret the concept of a countryside outing. Listen to the call of the mountains (or that of a shepherd), the rustle of the wind in the trees (or the bubbling of a stream) and the lakes (or a SPA) singing their siren call.

Min Weag 12 | Stuttgart Hut - Kaltenberg Hut
Start from the Stuttgart hut and cross the hill to Valluga. From there, descend to the Ulmer Hut, and continue to the Arlberg pass. Continue to climb until the Kaltenberg Hut.

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Min Weag 13 | Kaltenberg Hut - Konstanz Hut
Beautiful high altitude excursion across lush green meadows and rocky terrain up to the Krachelspitze summit and the Gstandsjöchli and from there down to Konstanz Hut.

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