The Way of St James

On the Way of St James across the Klostertal valley / Arlbergweg path

Start from Landeck and walk by St. Anton am Arlberg to reach St. Christoph. This is where the Arlberg Hospice is located, founded in 1386 by Heinrich Findelkind to ensure travellers in need received protection and accommodation. It is to this very day still the headquarters of the St. Christoph Brotherhood.

From the parking space in St. Christoph cross the pass to the historical Arlbergweg path, which leads to the Alpe Rauz mountain. From there follow the Rauzbach stream across Rauz-Tobel towards Stuben. Walking by the church you will reach the POST Hotel, the pilgrim-friendly accommodation in Stuben.

From Stuben a picturesque footpath leads to the Passürtobel. Continue on a former A road towards Langen. After the new rail tracks were placed in the Großtobeltunnel, you can now follow the old rail tracks towards Klösterle. You will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the 2,244 m Burtschakopf mountain.

During the inauguration celebrations of the Arlberg railway, Emperor Kaiser Franz Josef I briefly visited Klösterle in 1884. He didn’t miss the opportunity to personally visit the Wäldletobel bridge built in 1883. Even you can follow the ‘footprints’ of the Emperor. Climb the stairs and arrive directly in front of a impressive technical work of art: lo and behold, the Wäldletobel viaduct.

In Klösterle you can visit the Johanniter Hospice. It was founded in 1218 by Earl Hugo I of Montfort. The village and Valley of Klostertal were named after this small cloister. Surrounded by the Lechtal Alps and the Verwall Mountains, you will experience a varied landscape offset by the diversity of the side vallies.

‘Spiritual excursions’
Experience pilgrim paths under a new light

How can a motorway bridge be a pilgrimage station?
How does an uprooted tree move me?
What leads me to sit down and reflect?

Ulrike and Christian Dittmar describe how pilgrim trails can be seen under a new light in their book “Spirituelle Wanderungen” (Spiritual Excursions) Walking becomes a spiritual exercise, stopping equals to consciousness and perception, and you can create energy from meditation and movement alike.

The authors describe how to take the physical experience to the next level across eight paths: trees as symbol for the rhythm of life, footprints in the snow or snow as a reflection of your own journey in life, a spring becomes the spring of life, finding your pace as you walk, crossroads, stones and walls as an allegory to the challenges in life, or the rays of sun as hope and a new start.

“This book will help everyone experience how they feel while walking. It is a signpost to mindfulness. In our world of images with a constant flow of information we can return to learning the relaxed, loving art of simply observing. Maybe even by praying using our eyes.” These are the words in the preface to the book as summarised by journalist Franz Alt.

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Après moments

And after an exciting and stimulating day in the mountains of Stuben we offer you in the variedly equipped APRÈS POST HOTEL a cosy place to warm up, relax and enjoy.