Welcome to APRÈS POST HOTEL in Stuben


Our hotel guests can visit the SONNENDECK 1400 and book the APRÈS POST LOUNGE to enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains with a distinct oceanic feeling precisely 1,407 metres above sea level.

From the inside of the APRÈS POST HOTEL, you can walk across the WINTER GARDEN to the new, bigger terrace. The garden is reminiscent of the original architecture of the Post guesthouse. The house was originally composed of two buildings. They were successively joined under one roof and by the winter garden. The concept of the glass veranda was taken up by the Brändle family in today’s structure.

You can admire the stunning mountain landscape from the WINTER GARDEN. The fresh mountain air you breathe on the SONNENDECK 1400 makes the mountains jump into focus: the scraggy limestone peak of the Erzberg to the north and the round primary rock of the Albona to the south. You can catch a glimpse of the summit of the Rätikon mountain to the west.